Stadium security

Complete perimeter protection concepts for stadiums are imperative. High visitor numbers, worldwide media presence, and also stringent requirements for structural security require effective and holistic perimeter protection concepts.

Security concepts for stadiums

The outer protection of stadiums must be designed in such a way as to ensure preventive securing, regulating, and controlling of huge person and vehicle flows in and around the stadium. Among many reasons, this is to avoid panic, turmoil, or overfilling in the stadium and to ensure a quick and smooth evacuation in case of emergency.

But threats are changing. Especially the ever more aggressive terrorism and attacks on people gathering with violently invading vehicles forming an additional central risk factor. Ontario Parking Systems high-security products with impact protection, such as our certified crash bollards, form an ideal, preventive defense measure and effective protection against such attacks!

Crash bollards – high-security with blocking effect

Crash bollards M30 and M50 from Ontario Parking Systems offer crash-tested security with impact protection. Depending on the security requirements, Ontario Parking Systems offers different movable or fixed crash bollards. Pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicle traffic is to be stopped. All bollards feature robust construction with heavy gauge material and high tensile steel.

Due to their appealing design, crash bollards can be used in inner-city surroundings for city security and traffic management.

Reference Stadiums

Scotia Bank Arena