Protect your harbours against unauthorized access

Seaports are security-sensitive and highly complex environments. They must be protected by strict international law due to rapidly rising, organized crime and increasing aggressive terrorism. Ontario Parking Systems has the products and the solutions for harbour protection.

Security products for harbour protection

Of course, our solutions provide protection against unauthorized access to areas, where unhindered entry for certain people must be ensured. Our hydraulic bollards, bi-fold gates, and numerous gate systems are also suitable here. They temporarily release areas that generally need to be kept closed. Our mechanical systems, such as fences protect objects’ boundaries and round off our comprehensive offering.

Efficient solutions

We can make sure that the security solutions for harbour protection do not interfere with transport routes in the working area. With our state-of-the-art products and years of experience from different nationwide projects, we can efficiently support you in complying with the directives for seaports.

Reference Harbours

Toronto Port Authority

St. Lawrence Seaway

Port Dover Marina

Starport Marina

Port of Whitby