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Secure, contemporary prison protection

We have the products and solutions for effective external protection of prisons, psychiatrists, forensics, and buildings for enforcement. The primary reasons for prison security are to prevent the inmates from escaping and to protect the public.

Special expanded metal fence for prison protection

Conventional mechanical perimeter systems, such as simple fencing or walls can be overcome by means of tools and sufficient time. Therefore, our portfolio includes solutions like special expanded metal fences, ideally suited for areas with high-security requirements, like prisons. The metal fence is best installed as a double fence line to increase the solutions’ resistance time. Particularly solid and height up to five meters, it ensures reliable protection against cutting and climbing over. By integrating into the subsoil, digging under is also prevented. Ideal for an upgrade of existing fences is barbed wire or razor wire.

Efficient and secure access solutions

Compact building structure, small path lengths and the shortest possible external security line to significantly reduce response time are decisive planning parameters. In addition, a strict separation of employees, suppliers, and visitors is necessary. This can be achieved with bifold gates and crash-rated slide gates.

prison and law enforcement solutions bi-fold gate

prison and law enforcement solutions tymetal PLUSS gate

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