Power Plant

Power plant protection requires the highest security standards

Due to aggressive terrorism in recent years, there has been a significant increase in security on Economic Key Points (EKP). These are sites like nuclear power plants as well as major power stations, water treatment works, gas works and oil or petrochemical plants and refineries.

Layer-upon-layer of safety and security for power plant protection

Ontario Parking Systems can provide a layer-upon-layer of safety and security where it’s needed in a power plant. We achieve this with robust fence constructions and modern anti-climbing devices. This can be combined with reliable entrance control e.g. bullet-resistant security gates and modern access control devices.

An attack on a nuclear power plant would have disastrous consequences for the economic, health, and ecological situation. Nuclear power plants that are designed to provide high levels of protection for public health and safety require the highest security standards. Our product portfolio offers strict and reliable security solutions for such critical areas. These include physical vehicle barriers like crash gates, and wedge barriers e.g. combined with quick folding gates forming vehicle sally ports.

Reference Power Plants

Lambton Power Generating Station

Bruce Power

Darlington Nuclear

Canadian Nuclear Laxsboratories

OPG Saunders

OPG Nanticoke

OPG Lennox

OPG Cornwall

OPG Niagara

Enbridge Natural Gas

TransCan Energy

Hydro One