Communities & Public Spaces

Perimeter security for inner city protection

The demands for public safety solutions are constantly growing; especially when more incidents like the use of vehicles for attacks on public places occur. Public security is a growing necessity that proves to be challenging to implement functionally in these existing spaces.

Security for Inner City Protection

It’s necessary to regulate and secure access to public institutions, like marketplaces, schools, stadiums, railway stations, libraries, etc. With numerous years of experience with us, we can advise cities and municipalities on the optimization of their security concepts. Hydraulic or fixed bollards with impact load are the ideal choice. These products ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter these spaces.

Products for citizen-friendly infrastructures

Securing inner-city areas is challenging because of their partial proximity to buildings or fundamental restrictions for underground pipes/pipelines. There is also often heavy traffic from vehicles and persons. Our products and solutions support municipalities, city planners, architects, construction departments, and construction companies in the development of citizen-friendly infrastructures.

Reference Community & Public Spaces

University of Toronto


Branksome Hall

Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Metropolitan University

Western University

Grand River Transit