Three rows of crash rated bollards for security and access control

Bollards make areas accessible for pedestrians while managing vehicle entry

Bollards are great for busy city centres and other high-pedestrian traffic areas, providing ease of movement for those on foot while making no compromises in security.

Ontario Parking Systems offers a range of bollards, including crash-rated bollards. These products are designed to withstand attempts at unauthorized vehicle entry while maintaining mobility for pedestrians and the aesthetics of the surroundings. Bollards are an excellent option for varying climate zones, are quickly and easily installed, and feature quick operation speeds. Explore our selection of bollards for your crash-proof security needs.

Three rows of crash rated bollards for security and access control


Depending on the security requirements, OPS has movable or fixed crash bollards to choose from. Crash bollards allow for pedestrian traffic while inhibiting any vehicle entry. All bollards feature robust construction with heavy gauge material and high tensile steel. Due to their modern design, crash bollards can be used in inner-city surroundings for city security and traffic management. They feature fast operating times and shallow foundations. Ready-to-install bollard units with separate control boxes allow quick and easy installation in all climate zones. Our crash bollards offer reliable operation and are of course low maintenance. They are traversable in a lowered position per bridge class SLW 60.

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CleanSafe Bollards with built in hand sanitzer dispenser


The fixed CleanSafe bollard is an optimal addition to our high-security bollards. It is the ideal solution to protect access areas such as pedestrian zones and to make disinfectants accessible to all people passing by.

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