Industrial Sites

Perimeter security for industrial sites

Security for industrial sites is becoming increasingly relevant for carpools, machinery, goods, and raw materials such as steel and aluminum plants. The reason is mainly due to their significant value increase. We offer the products and solutions for securing industrial premises.

Theft, vandalism, sabotage, and industrial espionage are crucial problems for industrial branches. Despite their high-security requirements, the subsidiaries are often located outside residential areas and thus facilitate the potential for security breaches. Furthermore, goods that are stored in outdoor areas are often not sufficiently secured and insured. Therefore, perimeter protection is becoming increasingly important in these areas!

Integrated security for industrial sites

A fence alone is no longer enough as it can be destroyed or overcome. Our products and solutions provide integrated perimeter security, ensuring permanent protection against unauthorised access.

From type-tested gates and vehicle barriers to custom-made fence construction. Our portfolio offers comprehensive and reliable security concepts that can also easily be integrated into existing ones!

Traffic bollards, turnstiles, and entrance control

In addition, it is necessary to support the logistic requirements of the factory premises and to control access. This can be done with traffic bollards, turnstiles, or other entrance control products.

Reference Industrial Sites



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