Barrier Gate Operators

Series of barrier gate operators to parking area

Barrier gate operators provide strong and reliable security with quick and efficient vehicle access

At OPS, we believe businesses should not have to pick between top-quality security and efficient vehicle access. Excellent for high-traffic parking control, our barrier gate operators make no compromises on speed and effective vehicle mobility.

Ideal for multiple-lane access, multi-directional traffic, and space-limited areas, barrier gate operators offer a versatile security solution. Easy to use and great for both public and private facilities. Discover our lineup of barrier gate operators today.

Strong arm park DC 10/14 HySecurity barrier gate parking arm


The Strongarm Park DC10/14 is one of our many barrier gate operators that meets the high cycle, high-reliability demands of the parking industry. With UPS battery backup, StrongArmPark DC continues to operate for one thousand-plus cycles after an AC power loss. Provides uninterrupted traffic control over high-capacity corporate parking lots, high-rise and underground garages, gated communities, and rental car facilities and is easily partnered with revenue control systems.

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Strong arm HySecurity barrier gate parking arm


Hydraulic barrier arm operator meets the demanding reliability requirements of corporate, industrial and government users. A barrier arm length of 36′ satisfies requirements for specialty applications such as airport runways and multiple traffic lanes.

Strong arm dot HySecurity barrier gate parking arm


StrongArmDOT model is specifically designed for Department of Transportation applications and features a standard galvanized steel chassis and breakaway arm bracket. StrongArmDOT features a breakaway arm bracket that shears bolts and pivots out of the way after being hit. Perfect for reversible traffic lanes, traffic-metered highway on-ramps and other controlled roadway applications. Open arms up to 28 ft (8.5 m) in 5 seconds. The arm will remain vertical, at a full 90°, when held open. Center yoke, breakaway arm bracket for aluminum or aluminum/fibreglass arm options. The operator comes standard with a hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis with a stainless steel cover for superior anti-corrosion protection.

B680H FAAC barrier gate parking arm

FAAC – B680H

The B680H has a Hybrid heart which, together with its “everlasting” springs, allows it to exceed 2,000,000 cycles of continuous use, raising 8 m beams in less than 6 seconds, in total safety, thanks to the reverse on-contact feature.

Nice M-Bar L-Bar HySecurity barrier gate parking arm


Nice barriers are designed to control vehicle access to parking garages, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, or other types of public facilities.