Swing Gate Operators

BYAN 500

The 500 Series is a residential swing gate operator. As a light-duty operator, it should be subject to no more than 60 cycles per hour. This operator is recommended for gates 12 feet long or shorter that weigh less than 1,500 lbs. The opening speed is approximately 12 seconds. It slows down the last 5 to 10 degrees of the swing.

BYAN 600

The 600 Series is a residential and medium-duty commercial operator for applications that require 100 cycles per hour or less. It is ideal for uses that do not require continuous duty. The 600 Series is unique in that it does not require positive stops. On all hydraulic operators, the gates must make contact with an obstruction that causes them to stop, both when closing and opening. The 600 Series travels at normal speed until it reaches the last 5 to 10 degrees of travel. It then automatically slows, negating the need for positive stops

BYAN 900

This operator can be used for most applications. The gate leaf cannot exceed 16 feet. It will open a gate with a 90-degree swing in 12 seconds and close the gate in 14 seconds.


SwingSmart DC is HySecurity’s electromechanical, pad-mounted swing gate operator for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Ultimate reliability is maintained in the coldest, hottest, most humid, driest, saltiest, high cycle, windy, and brutal environments.


Linear actuators for large, heavy swing gates and swing gates that are subject to extreme peak winds.

FAAC 400

Hydraulic operator for condominium and industrial swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 7.00 m (23 feet)