Perimeter Security Solutions for One of America’s Busiest Airports

Busy airport security solution using barrier gate operator strongarm m30 m50 hysecurity

HySecurity crash-rated StrongArm® M50 protects runways from accidental or hostile vehicle incidents.


Phoenix Fence, a top fencing and gate automation company in Arizona, partnered with HySecurity to improve vehicle access control and perimeter security at one of the busiest airports in the United States.


One of the top 20 busiest airports in the United States was impacted by underperforming Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) and access control systems, requiring frequent and costly maintenance. With a unique landscape and obstacles, Phoenix Fence was challenged to provide a reliable solution that met the needs of this bustling airport with a few key considerations:

  • With 120,000 passengers arriving and departing each day, the perimeter security solution needed to safely enable authorized employees to come and go while simultaneously preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering the property.
  • Key assets such as fuel and electrical lines run underground to service aircraft, so perimeter security equipment must be installed without digging too deep into the ground and possibly damaging an asset.
  • Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, sand, and dirt are regular occurrences at the location and the new solution must be less susceptible to the elements, as well as mitigate cleaning and maintenance to avoid operational failure.

After being called on for maintenance, Phoenix Fence knew firsthand the shortcomings of the underperforming system. Seeking a highly dependable vehicle access control solution, Phoenix Fence called HySecurity. The HySecurity team consulted on a solution that would secure the perimeter of the airport while avoiding the pain points of the current system. In a meeting with an Aviation Supervisor, Phoenix Fence and HySecurity presented a comprehensive solution, outlining details including safety requirements, product comparisons with installation site references, and a proposed installation plan with loop layouts and foundation requirements.


Convinced the HySecurity solution would prove more reliable, the airport installed a total of 28 StrongArm M50 gate operators to secure the entire perimeter. The StrongArm M50 was chosen because it exceeded the requirements set forth by the client:

  • An ASTM F2656-07 M50 P2 rating to reliably secure active runways from breaches in the perimeter.
  • Uncompromising safety features such as high visibility lights, a stop-and-go traffic signal, and a unique dual-arm design provide superior passenger protection in case of an accidental strike.
  • An above-ground design with minimal maintenance requirements that consistently performs in variable conditions such as extreme temperature ranges, sand or dirt in the environment, and power outages.
  • A full 90-degree open with quick arm speed enables convenient access to even the largest of supply vehicles.

This was the cleanest project of this size we’ve ever been a part of [and] the maintenance is a night and day difference.

— Paul Mastin, Owner of Phoenix Fence.

Today the airport has a daily economic impact of more than $100 million without the concern or cost of frequent perimeter security maintenance. HySecurity products have proven to be ultra-reliable since the 1960s and after installation, these gates will operate at full capacity with very little maintenance—for decades.

hysecurity strongarm m30 m50 in closed position

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