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User-friendly control systems | TIBA | ensure parking operations run smoothly. The company’s catalogue of parking control systems includes a wide array of patron-friendly solutions that are designed to increase revenue and reduce overall expenditure...
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Security is the keyword for all access control systems including parking operators. And the solutions available with Ontario Parking Systems’ selection of gate operators epitomize secure contemporary parking operations...
Security gates must be rigid and durable to provide years of reliable service. Ontario Parking Systems offers a wide array of gate styles for every type of transportation and parking application. Clients can select from superior gate products...


Since 1986 TIBA has designed and manufactured state of the art access & revenue control systems. In designing the system we placed an emphasis on simplicity,  modular components, superior technology and flexible software. This has resulted in a PARCS system that is very reliable, user friendly and extremely cost  competitive. By the end of the decade TIBA became the market leader in Israel despite competition from several large international PARCS manufacturers. Market  segments include commercial, government, medical and residential facilities. Next we began to expand in Europe and other international markets. In the nineties TIBA  began to develop automated PARCS technologies and continued to grow throughout the decade. With TIBA’s flexible software design (then and now), we were  able to take advantage of the latest technology and software platforms without a concern for legacy compatibility issues.

The new millennium brought a new focus on security in parking. TIBA had a huge advantage having already completed a large number of projects incorporating LPR, video surveillance and access control. Again our flexible software design allowed us to easily and quickly integrate to these systems. Many of these developments  were completed with our distribution partner in Israel, AFCON Control Technologies, a subsidiary of the AFCON Group. TIBA continued robust growth in all markets for  the next few years. In 2005 TIBA began to analyze and plan to enter the US market. After careful consideration in 2006, TIBA opens its North America  headquarters and sales office in the Atlanta suburb of Tucker, Georgia. Despite a severe economic recession, TIBA completed several US projects in the first two  years of operation. This success was due to our early planning and fast compliance with US safety standards and PCI compliance in credit card processing. In the  next few years, we developed parking interfaces to most of the major hotel chains. With this feature, the hotel operator can post parking charges to the guest folio and  automatically activate the room key in the PARCS system, reconcile the fees between the parking management company and the hotel. TIBA is only one of two  companies in the entire PARCS industry with this capability. This development (and others) contributed to incredible growth the last few years despite a slow  economy. TIBA continues to innovate and develop intelligent parking solutions for a changing marketplace. TIBA’s use of barcode technology will allow us to take advantage of internet marketing technology such as QR codes and third party marketing campaigns.

To continue our growth in the US market, in 2007 we partnered with the AFCON Group to take advantage of their manufacturing infrastructure and global resources.  TIBA is a member of the AFCON Group. AFCON an Industrial Conglomerate with over $220 million in annual sales that focuses on building automation including HVAC, security, CCTV, parking and life safety systems. AFCON has been in business since 1948.

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