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Tymetal – TYM-VL / Fortress Vertical Lift

Short Description

Tymetal's Fortress Vertical Lift Gate is specified in cases of high usage, especially when there is insufficient space outside of the gate opening for an overhead or cantilever gate to retract before hitting an obstacle.

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Additional Product Information

The heavy construction of the superstructure, combined with a drive chain mechanism, lifts the electric gate open and pulls the gate closed.

This unique drive mechanism features a counterweight that runs inside both vertical support columns. The counterweight is designed to approximate the weight of the gate, assuring the motor and chain drive mechanism minimize stress and maintenance. By incorporating a continuous loop drive system, which is connected directly to the counterweight inside the support column, the Fortress Vertical Lift Gate is assured smooth operation in either direction. The vertical support columns of the gate superstructure are constructed of heavy duty W12x53 structural steel.

The electric gate frame is fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions in one or more sections. The gate is attached to the vertical track by means of four self-aligning, 4-wheeled, sealed lubricant, ball-bearing truck assemblies.