Strong and Secure

Boon Edam THT-100 Transparent

Short Description

The Transparent Series full height turnstiles are the ideal solution for applications requiring structural integrity and impenetrability along with aesthetic appeal. The clear, see-through design achieves a clean, finished look.

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Additional Product Information

• Designed to provide high security access control while maintaining aesthetic appeal
• Fabricated from anodized aluminum construction with clear polycarbonate arms: curved shield assembly uses 3/8" curved Lexan™ panels
• Full stainless steel circular ceiling canopy provides a clean, finished look
• Heavy-duty, low voltage 24 VDC electromechanical operating mechanism is self-centering and cushioned by a hydraulic, adjustable shock absorber
• Available in clear anodized aluminum (standard), dark bronze anodized aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or powder coated steel
• Standard configuration is 3 rotor sections, 120 degrees apart; Also available with 4 rotor sections, 90 degrees apart
• Normally open, momentary dry contact is required to release turnstile
• Available in any combination of fail-lock or fail-safe on electric versions: all fail-lock applications automatically include a mechanical key release to allow manual override in an emergency
• Complementary Handicapped Access Gate available: THG-51EL
• Can integrate with any type of card reader access or biometric system