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Tymetal – Fortress Cantilever Slide Gate – Box Frame (up to 60′)

Short Description

The Fortress Box Frame Slide Gate, manufactured by Tymetal Corp., is a cantilever system designed to handle the forces of gravity and wind, using box frame construction and stainless steel cable. Diagonal cross members eliminate lateral sway while numerous design features necessary for single gates with widths up to 60 feet, 120 feet for doubles, address potential stresses on the cantilever slide gate.

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Additional Product Information

Box Frame Gates are fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions with primary members (top and bottom) "P" shaped in the cross section. The vertical members alternate between 2"x 2" and 1"x 2" in cross section and are spaced at a distance not to exceed the overall height of the box frame. Constructed in "box" form, the width between the frames measures 24" from outside to outside.

Each frame has a track of extruded aluminum alloy welded to the primary member allowing the gate to operate smoothly. Cantilever Gate frames are supported from the two tracks by four self-aligning, 4-wheeled, sealed lubricant ball bearing truck assemblies. The cantilever slide gates include cross bracing of 3/16" minimum diameter stainless steel cable to provide for vertical adjustment. Bottom guides are provided for each side of the gate frame and a ground roller assembly is provided to support the back end of the Fortress gate when the gate is in the open position.