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TransCore Encompass 2 Reader

Short Description

TransCore’s Encompass® 2 Reader Model 2110 is a fully integrated, self-contained 915 MHz wireless identification reader.

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Additional Product Information

It includes a radio frequency (RF) module, digital signal processor (DSP), power supply, antenna, I/O ports, and serial communications interface. The reader is
ideal for parking, security access, vehicle registration/identification, and mCommerce applications with a requirement to read TransCore’s eGo® tags and/or TransCore’s American Trucking Association (ATA)-compliant tags.

The Encompass 2 Model 2110 is configurable to read TransCore eGo tags, as well as other tags, which are compliant with ANSI INCITS 256-2001, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 18000-6 or ATA standards. It reads the 64-bit tag ID or 128 bits of specially programmed data and can read tags formatted to a wide range of industry-standard formats, including Wiegand format. Custom Wiegand 26-bit to 56-bit (inclusive) formats can be developed to match identification card formats used by existing security systems.

TheEncompass 2 Model 2110 transmits an RF signal that is reflected back from an RF tag. The Encompass 2 Model 2110 then decodes the tag data carried by the reflected signal. The system transmits this data to a local host computer for processing. In multi-lane applications, if necessary, the readers can be synchronized using external hardware to allow operation in close proximity.

The unit has a weatherproof enclosure and is supplied with a polemount bracket specifically designed for controlled traffic lanes. The Encompass 2 Model 2110 is quickly and easily installed and tested by trained, authorized personnel. It uses a similar system interface as TransCore’s SmartPass® readers.

• Fully self-contained, integrated reader
• Reads eGo and/or ATA tags
• Ideal for parking, security access, electronic vehicle registration, and mCommerce
• 915 MHz RF band operation
• Compatible with a wide range of industry standard formats
• Wiegand capability
• Weatherproof enclosure
• Similar system interface as TransCore’s SmartPass readers
• Selectable RF output power
• Quick, simple installation by trained, authorized personnel