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Magnetic Autocontrol MIB 30 / 40

Short Description

Maximum boom length 12 feet / 20 feet

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Additional Product Information

The combination of our proven and reliable electric motor with a lever system represents a simple and extremely reliable drive solution. It permits short opening and closing times without the barrier boom bouncing in the end positions. The lever system locks the barrier boom at both end positions. In the event of a power failure, it can still be moved easily by hand.

The complete drive system is attached to the barrier housing as a single unit, and can easily be removed from the housing by removing the mounting screws.

A built in spring mechanism provides a precise counterbalance for the barrier boom. The springs are factory set to correspond with the boom length prior to delivery. If necessary, the springs can be easily reset in situ during assembly, for example if the barrier boom is shortened or if signs are attached to the boom.

It is also a simple matter to change the handing on-site from right-axial to left-axial.

Opening and closing time: 1.9 / 4.0 s