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BEA – IS40

Short Description

Overhead activation and presence sensor for industrial environments utilizing microwave and infrared detection technology. The proven technology of the Falcon, plus infrared presence detection of the IS40P.

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Additional Product Information

Proven Technologies
Active infrared and microwave technologies work together to provide precise presence and accurate motion detection in front of the door.

Superior Coverage
Maximum mounting height at 16 ft. Detection pattern up to 40 spots, equating to 10’ x 10’ coverage.

Durability For Tough Industrial Environments
Impervious to door vibrations, light, sun and the environment; including rain and snow. The IS40 housing is rated NEMA-4.

Minimal Installation and Maintenance
Replaces the labor-intensive inductive loops with an easy-to-mount overhead installation. All adjustments are executed using the BEA remote control.