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HySecurity SlideSmart DC

Short Description

SlideSmart DC is electromechanical, chain driven slide gate operator for residential and commercial applications. Full DC battery backup, quick and easy installation, low maintenance, and ultimate reliability in any environment.

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Additional Product Information

Two models: 1 ft/s or 2 ft/s. Independently adjustable to trim open and close speeds ± ¼ ft/s

High torque DC motor and microprocessor controlled acceleration and deceleration combine to reliably handle gates up to 40 ft and 1,500 lbs. Reduces gate wear and tear.

Standard feature! Uninterruptible battery power provides up to 4,000 feet of gate travel after AC loss. SlideSmart can also power your access control and safety devices

30+ easy to program menu options including photo eye and detector logic, fail secure or fail open, and many valuable functional and security alert options