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FAAC Photobeam

Short Description

Photobeam is a directional photocell with alignment facility consisting of a modular infrared Transmitter and Receiver. It is classed as a safety device. Breaking the luminous beam causes the state of the electric contact on the Receiver to be switched

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Additional Product Information

Installation - on wall or on column
Power supply - 24VDC (19 - 35 VDC) / 24 VAC (21.5 - 25.5 VAC)
Absorption - 50 mA
Protection class - IP54
Directional photocell with alignment
Obstacle detection time - 20 ms
Detection angle +/- 4°
Rated range - 30 m
Contacts type - N.O./N.C.
Contacts max capacity - 100 mA/24 Vdc
Operating ambient temperature -20°C to +55°C