Strong and Secure

FAAC 422

Short Description

Hydraulic operator for condominium and residential two-leaf swing-leaf gates with single-leaf length of 1.8 m and 3 m (10 feet), with single leaf length of 3 m (10 feet)

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Additional Product Information

The Model 422 hydraulic swing gate operator are designed for private residences. They offer many of the benefits of a large gate operator in a compact form. A high-speed version of the 422 is available for pedestrian gates that require quick closure

The 422 system can hydraulically lock the gate in your choice of the opened and/or closed positions. Both models have versions that allow your gate system be set up to provide
special options including “gate-safe” or “gate-secure” configurations:
• Gate-safe: during power outages, a magnetic lock releases a closed gate to permit emergency access.
• Gate-secure: during power outages, an electric lock keeps a closed gate locked