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Cansec Canlan M200

Short Description

Cansec's CanLan M200 TCP/IP Controller is a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to network-enable Cansec's CP40, H1000, SmartLock door controllers and Zodiac Max reader over an existing Ethernet network.The CanLan M200 solution allows the existing network cable structure to be utilized in lieu of installing new and expensive communication cable.

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Additional Product Information

The CanLan M200 controller is equipped with RS-485 connectors as well as an RJ45 network interface for a connection to a network switch. Each unit comes with easy-to-use software that allows the installer to configure the CanLan M200 controller with an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway. The configurations may be saved to a binary file and restored at any time. Once configured, the unit can be installed on the Ethernet network and connected to Cansec controllers via the RS-485 connector.

Unlike other off-the-shelf devices, CanLan M200 handles all supervision and device polling locally to Cansec CP40 or H1000 controllers. This unique feature eliminates any concern of bandwidth usage where other devices will require bandwidth for continuous polling even during periods of inactivity. Because Cansec's Maestro, Hurricane, SmartLock and Zodiac Max systems support IP protocol, no additional redirector software is required to connect to CanLan M200 controllers.

The significant cost savings and value added features make CanLan M200 the ultimate solution for adding Cansec controllers to existing local or wide area networks.

• Connects Cansec SmartLock, CP40, H1000 Controllers or Zodiac Max readers to a LAN or to a WAN
• Includes UTP jack, USB jack and RS-485 output
• Includes default IP reset button
• Includes unit identifier LED
• Includes separate LEDs for network link and activity as well as RS-485 transmission and reception
• Configured through USB or network interface
• Configurations can be saved to a binary file and restored
• Login password protection
• Supports remote reboot for configuration changes
• Includes configuration and diagnostic tools