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Choose the StrongArm Barrier Arm Operator Products from Ontario Parking Systems

London, Ontario-based specialist for parking barrier products, Ontario Parking Systems is now offering the StrongArm M30 and M50 products. These StrongArm barrier arm operator products are designed for the highest level of user safety and to simplify and reduce the cost of the installation process. They’re now considered the most trusted barrier arm system on the market today.

For the security focused property owner, choosing a high-quality barrier arm is of the utmost importance. This structure protects the space and ensures unauthorized entry cannot be achieved. It’s the reason that so many operators are now turning to the StrongArm barrier arm operator products from the team at Ontario Parking Systems. The company is now offering two new options: their M30 and M50 products.

The M30 is designed for manual operation and is crash certified to ASTM F2656-07. Its unique structure prevents large trucks and small passenger vehicles from breaching the security perimeter and its lower arm is designed to reduce injury during crash incidents. The M30 includes high-visibility tape on both sides of the system to minimize crash incidents. Also certified to ASTM F2656-07, the automatic M50 barrier is designed to open and close in 6 to 8 seconds, allowing authorized traffic inside while offering complete protection. In addition, the M50 comes replete with integrated, locking hydraulics and programmable controls to ensure intuitive performance for the site operator.

It’s the product selection required for high security sites across the country. To discover more on the M30 and the M50 StrongArm barrier arm operator systems from Ontario Parking Systems, call their team today at 1-877-583-6542.

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