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Ontario Parking Systems Offering WedgeSmart DC Wedge Barrier Operators

The WedgeSmart DC is a great choice for those looking for reliable, continuous duty and industrial grade wedge barrier operators that can handle millions of low maintenance cycles. Ontario Parking Systems is offering this product at an extremely reasonable price to ensure that your parking system has the security that it needs.

The WedgeSmart DC is especially effective for preventing vehicle theft and protecting your parking lot from threats. In addition, it is ideal for access control applications that require the added security of a crash barrier and offers safety features including a resilient bumper along the base of the arm and dynamic reversing in operator to minimize the chances of injury or vehicle damage.

In terms of operation, the WedgeSmart DC allows for effective communication of security or operational events to security command and control or service technicians in real-time. Furthermore, configuration is made especially simple thanks to the Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T) interface, which also allows for remote operation and configuration.

For those looking for quality wedge barrier operators with simple, intuitive interfaces and reliable security features, the WedgeSmart DC won’t let you down. This product is just one of the many offered by Ontario Parking Systems that aim to help you secure your parking space. For further questions or more information, give them a call at 1-877-583-6542.

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Ontario Parking Systems aims to provide a personalized level of customer service to compliment their wide range of products, which offers a high degree of parking control security at a reasonable price. For more information, visit

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