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Ontario Parking Systems Offering Award-Winning HydraWedge SM50 Vehicle Barriers

Toronto-based Ontario Parking Systems is offering the award-winning HydraWedge SM50 vehicle barriers for those that want a top-quality barrier that is a head above traditional wedge barriers. With the ability to stop trucks with no penetration, this product also offers real-time communication of potential and actual breach conditions with security responders to ensure maximum effectiveness.

As the fourth vehicle barrier in HySecurity’s crash product line, the HydraWedge offers the same unique perimeter security intelligence real-time reporting as the other products. In addition, the HydraWedge SM50 features fast normal actuation and Emergency Fast Operate (EFO), a simple 3-wire connection between multiple sequenced HySecurity gates and a quick two-day installation time.

For maximum reliability, this product’s backed up model maintains security even during AC power outages, producing hundreds of UPS backed-up cycles after AC power severance and ensuring that you will have the benefit of security even in dire situations when power is unavailable.

If you’re looking for a quality, reliable vehicle barrier for your parking systems, the HydraWedge SM50 is a great choice that you can purchase for a reasonable price at Ontario Parking Systems. With a 5-year electronics and hydraulics warranty – the longest in the industry – you can be sure that you will have no shortage of wedge barriers to rely on. For further questions or more information, give Ontario Parking Systems a call at 1-877-583-6542.

About Ontario Parking Systems

For 32 years, Ontario Parking Systems has dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality products that ensure safe, reliable and effective parking systems. Exceptional customer service and a wide range of quality solutions are just two of the reasons that they have remained on top of the North American industry. For more information, visit


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