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Boon Edam Full Height Turnstile Gates: Why Bother?

If you’re considering investing in full height turnstile gates, our team at Ontario Parking Systems highly recommends Boon Edam’s Turnlock 100. In addition to interior parking lot security, it is very important to secure to perimeter and outer areas of your building, something that this product is ideal for

Perimeter Security

In addition to your entry and lobby, it’s important to consider the security of your building perimeter. The Turnlock 100 is very suitable for this use thanks to its quality stainless steel design that gives it the endurance to perform outside. With rugged construction, you can be sure that its operation will be dependable and consistent. This product comes in two designs – three or four door wings – in order to give you the ability to adapt it to your building’s specific requirements of capacity, comfort and security. 

Turnlock 100 Features

  • Mechanical or electrical operation
  • Push-button free access
  • Heal protectors

Mobility Hotspots

Another great benefit of this product is its ability to take control of mobility hotspots outside of the building, allowing you to manage the flow of visitors in the outside regions of these areas. However, for those looking to use turnstile gates for interior security to complement the surrounding building, this product possesses a degree of flexibility that is also suitable for this use.


One of the advantages of Boon Edam products is their use of the BoonTouch, a universal control panel that you can use remotely from a security desk, making operating their security solutions simple and intuitive. It is compatible with almost all solutions in their product range and possesses the ability to operate any combination of up to 6 security access solutions.

It’s often easy to forget about the security of your exterior when you have quality barrier arm operators to take care of the interior parking lot, but the reality is full height turnstile gates are a great compliment to the security of your building. With the Turnlock 100, you can rely on its durable design and flexibility even for indoor uses. For more information or further questions, give us a call at 877-583-6542 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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